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team / process facilitation

Whether your teams are small, large, diverse or departmental, we have experience to facilitate, lead and drive teams and outcomes.  We can help you develop a clear, objective-driven agenda with appropriate topics to ensure a successful meeting.

Team facilitation can be used for:

  • Process specific development or issue resolution
  • Offsite Team Meetings
  • Team/Staff Development Meetings
  • Weekly Staff Meetings
  • Departmental or Cross-Functional Team Sessions

We use the methodologies defined in The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team and Death by Meeting by best-selling author Patrick Lencioni to overcome organizational boundaries and common pitfalls to ensure success and value in your team.

“Well-managed workgroups are more profitable (44% higher), more productive (50% higher) & have higher degrees of customer loyalty (50% higher).”

 – Gallup Organization