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team development

We recognize that teams are a critical part of the success of any company. If your goals and objectives aren’t clearly developed and communicated, it can create divisiveness and be a major cause of team failure, buy-in and ultimately, organizational results. We use the methodologies from The Advantage, The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team and Death by Meeting that support team cohesiveness and results-based clarity.

Our team building process consists of:

  • A single group meeting or multiple meetings to achieve participation and buy-in
  • Myers-Briggs Type assessments and Strengths-based Leadership to understand individual and team dynamics
  • Team assessments and team practices that build trust and accountability
  • Visioning and brainstorming exercises that generate ideas and potential solutions
  • Issue resolution techniques that bring differing views to agreement on a common approach
  • Team techniques that ensure priority is given to goals and solutions that yield the greatest benefit
  • Action planning that assigns roles, responsibilities and due dates to produce tangible results

“Our discussions with Janet about leadership, core values, accountability, and of course, communication, brought us closer together and I am convinced we are a stronger and more solidified team…”

 – Richard Word, Chief of Police, Vacaville Police Department