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organizational culture

Organizational Culture is returning as one of the most strategic factors that companies must embrace to remain competitive, not only in product and service delivery, but in talent acquisition and retention.  We use the principles from The Advantage to establish a core culture that can sustain itself and build passion among your workforce, leaders and marketplace.

According to the Lencioni Advantage principles, culture is established via implementation of the 4 Disciplines of Organizational Health; at its foundation we start with:

  1. Building and maintaining a cohesive leadership team:  leaders set the tone for organizational culture – they must talk the talk, walk the talk and remain consistent in their behaviors and messages
  2. Establishing organizational clarity:  vision, strategies and tactics all define what is important to the business, how to compete and how to rally your talent to execute and produce results
  3. Over-Communicate:  communications, messages, actions, behaviors all work together to support what is most important to your business.  Establishing the common elements for your business and then managing those through change builds consistency and loyalty
  4. Build Human Systems:  establishing the core systems that support your business, workforce and practices reinforces what is most important to your business. This includes how you meet, what you meet about, how to hire, how to measure performance and managing discipline to build a high performing workforce

Patrick Lencioni and Janet Cooke

“Our leadership sessions with Janet were nothing short of transformational”

 – Matt Danilowicz, President, VideoCom