Executive Coaching

Effective leaders produce results at all levels of their organizations. Wherever you are experiencing a lack of results, some specific coaching can help you see where your blind spots are blocking your management style, effectiveness or communication. Executive coaching is available at all levels of the organization – middle management, upper management or executive management.

By working through a series of inquiries and observations, your personal & managerial effectiveness will increase and your organizations will respond. You can restart and reenergize your staff, teams and company. Be the leader everyone is looking at and emulating!

Life Coaching

In today’s world it is easy to be overwhelmed, out of time and running life on autopilot. We have work, children, fitness, family and community that all require time and energy. With 24 hours in a day, it’s often difficult to find a way to get it all done. The toll it takes can feel overwhelming. This overwhelm can show up as a “same old, same old” type attitude toward aspects of your life.

Our fundamental practice is based on a unique design for every client – whether a specific consulting engagement or an ongoing coaching relationship. Knowing your blind spots and autopilot actions provides a huge opportunity for results to occur using your unique skills, training & behaviors.

We utilize Myers-Briggs Type assessments, StrengthsFinder and goal-definition exercises to help you develop a life plan for yourself and fulfill on your dreams.

“Janet’s coaching not only clarified and simplified my goals, it also provided a consistent, attainable pace toward those goals. I would recommend Janet’s outstanding coaching to anyone looking to make a measurable difference in their life.”

 – Ann Todd, Vice President