Janet Cooke Consulting helps organizations
and teams overcome ineffectiveness.

We do this through a combination of organizational culture, leadership
development, strategic planning and project/change management.

At Janet Cooke Consulting, we focus on the work from Patrick Lencioni’s models in “The Advantage” to build healthy and effective teams and organizations.  Janet has been trained and certified by Lencioni and his firm to utilize the concepts and methodologies captured in all of his books. 

We provide practical programs that:

  • Enable healthy organizational foundations and teams to produce results
  • Develop strategic plans consistent with your organizations purpose, mission and values and build those strategies into go-forward tactics 
  • Develop teams, leaders and managers to be effective assets that support smart, healthy organizations
  • Provide team or individual programs that focus on results, accountability and repeatability for long-term effectiveness
  • Build open communications that promote robust dialogue and healthy conflict for teams and other organizational systems
  • Use Myers-Briggs Type assessments that promote understanding, clarity and commitment to results and team efforts
  • Use and apply StrengthsFinder and Strengths-Based Leadership assessments to focus on talent and skill identification

“Janet Cooke is a knowledgeable strategist of healthy-organization models and brings expertise to challenges in leadership and organizational effectiveness. Her work is integrative, disciplined, practical and insightful.”

 – Art Bennett, CEO Catholic Charities of Diocese of Arlington